A new Category 6A specification has arrived


The global cabling standard ISO/IEC 11801 was recently extended by the addition of amendment 2. This amendment defines new specifications for Cat. 6A components and Class EA permanent links. These new global Cat. 6A / Class EA specifications require a new generation of connecting hardware offering far superior performance compared to the existing products which are based on the American TIA standard.


The following graph outlines the performance difference between ISO/IEC and EIA/TIA component specifications for the NEXT transmission parameter. At a frequency of 500 MHz an ISO/IEC Cat. 6A connector performs 3 dB better than a Cat. 6A connector conforming with the EIA/TIA specification. 3 dB equals 100 % increase of Near End Crosstalk noise reduction when measured in absolute magnitudes.

This microsite provides technical information about the new Cat. 6A technology and the relevant cabling standards.